How to get scammed of your ripples thanks to browser push

 got a notification which pointed to a site: which on the browser address bar looked like another site, here the screenshot: then i read on this address the following: Ripple launches Community Program to compensate for XRP's continued price decline With alts popping left and right, and Bitcoin lingering relaxed around the $12,500 mark, many feel that they might be left behind bag holding some of the big name, top 10 crypto assets - XRP being one of the worst offenders. It's not easy being a holder of some of the traditional big names out there - XRP, EOS, NEM, NEO - all still far away from their previous highs and runs. This situation has prompted many owners to jump ship toward the more successful projects - LINK, XTZ being some of the big winners. Ripple seems determined to make a stand. With the launch of its 2020 XRP redistribution program, current owners of

How to get scammed because of Klever token on telegram

Once you join the official KLEVER tron token telegram group in a few hours some user will auto invite you to a group clone which is a fake but it looks just like the original group with same group name and same admin name.   Original klever group info : Original klever group snapshot : Original klever group owner : Original klever group bot : FAKE klever group info : FAKE klever group snapshot : FAKE klever group owner : FAKE Klever Wallet Exchange BOT : FAKE Klever Wallet Exchange BOT (Buy $KLV with $TRX) : SCAM TRX ADDRESS : TJ5CGNgbStT8EfGraNJk7L3KKBkvPyNewR FAKE Klever Wallet Exchange BOT (Buy $KLV with $ETH) : SCAM ETH ADDRESS : 0x9d31A54c68788b57e8f3b44c955f18842B32FCc8 FAKE Klever Wallet Exchange BOT (Buy KLV with BTC) : SCAM BTC ADDRESS : bc1qunq7uuvk8300s2ypxpzzls5xmj5ddvhqggrzvm FAKE Klever Wallet Exchange BOT (Sell your $KLV) : SCAM KLV ADDRESS : TXSdGAe8X1cs7oFH9548kbSjbqXueByyqS When yo