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How to get scammed of your ripples thanks to browser push

 got a notification which pointed to a site: which on the browser address bar looked like another site, here the screenshot: then i read on this address the following: Ripple launches Community Program to compensate for XRP's continued price decline With alts popping left and right, and Bitcoin lingering relaxed around the $12,500 mark, many feel that they might be left behind bag holding some of the big name, top 10 crypto assets - XRP being one of the worst offenders. It's not easy being a holder of some of the traditional big names out there - XRP, EOS, NEM, NEO - all still far away from their previous highs and runs. This situation has prompted many owners to jump ship toward the more successful projects - LINK, XTZ being some of the big winners. Ripple seems determined to make a stand. With the launch of its 2020 XRP redistribution program, current owners of